The Daily Mail Loves That Kim Kardashian Loves The Daily Mail


On Thursday, The Daily Mail celebrated someone else celebrating them: Kim Kardashian.

Though Mail.Online’s article is ostensibly about Jean-Paul Goude’s pride over his Kim Kardashian photoshoot for Paper magazine, it is actually just full of odds and ends about everything that has to do with that photoshoot – plus, a fun fact about the Daily Mail: Kim loves them!!!!!!!!<3<3<3 The Mail has taken a video from the Paper magazine shoot and looped it so that Kim says the following not once, not twice, but three times.

I am obsessed with the website The Daily Mail. It is my everything. I go to it every day.

This is not the first time the Mail has gotten excited about their famous friend hat-tipping them – and the love seems to go both ways. In March, they went all-out with the bragging, publishing a piece entitled “‘That is my favorite web site of all time!’ Kim Kardashian gushes about her love of MailOnline in Vogue interview.” The article included a picture of the text of the interview in the magazine with her important words highlighted (“That is my favorite web site of all time!”), as well as numerous screenshots of select Daily Mail pieces about Kim documenting their “relationship” over the years.

Friends being friends.

Image via The Daily Mail

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