The Dream Knows His Lane, and It's Sex Songs


Y: The Dream, “Nothing Will Feel the Same” – As sure as the sun will shine and the wind will blow, so will The Dream continue to make songs about love and sex (but mostly sex) in the style of ’90s balladeers like Jodeci and BLACKstreet. “Nothing Will Feel the Same” is from the just-released fourth entry in his cycle of SexTape albums (or mixtapes—at this point, there’s basically a nominal difference between the two). He knows his lane, and he rides it like an OnlyFans post. —Rich Juzwiak

Y: Kehlani, “Everybody Business” – R&B singer Kehlani’s “Everybody Business” is the best song about hating public discourse and gossip since Lindsay Lohan’s “Rumors.” Though, where LiLo was angry, Kehlani is mournful—it’s an interesting approach, but not one that will curb criticism. In fact, it may very well prove to be the opposite. But as she sings, maybe she “can’t be phased.” —Maria Sherman

Nah: Becky G, “They Ain’t Ready” – I am not sure what it is about “their love,” that Becky G postures “they ain’t ready for,” on this new song, but it sounds a bit like she wasn’t ready to track it. Becky G is best at her high-energy R&B-tinged pop (especially when it is trilingual, like in the impressive “Chicken Noodle Soup” collab with BTS’s J-Hope) and this is simply too apathetic for her. She can belt, why reign it in? Because everyone else on the radio whispers? —MS

Yes: Kelly Rowland, “Coffee” – This video, which doubles as an ode to the beauty of coffee-colored skin, opens with gentle chimes and the sound of waves bleeding into a beautiful, therapeutic medley about morning sex, while Kelly Rowland lays in the sand and rides a horse along the beachside wearing nothing but a gorgeous sheer cover-up that covers little up. How majestic. I’ll take this and Miguel’s “Coffee” with a large omelet and side of hash browns. —Clover Hope

Y: Sass, “11:11” – A friend of mine recently told me he has bypassed the apathy stage of social distancing and has entered a new phase where he is once again leaning into familiar and forgotten interests. I can’t say the same has happened for me, but it has certainly colored my listening habits: I want bratty indie-pop rock guitars, and I want songs about loneliness. Minneapolis’s Sass, and their latest, “11:11,” scratches that itch. “I am unreasonable,” Stephanie Murck sings on the song—a sentiment ripped straight from my brain. —MS

Y: Public Practice, “My Head” – New York’s grooviest punk-funk band is back in action. Public Practice’s “My Head” is 2020 Talking Heads worship, begging the listen to “shake it.” I’m entranced. —MS

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