The 'Fight of the Century,' Featuring Beyoncé

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Lots of people made a point of spending lots of money to watch (either in person or on TV) the “fight of the century” last night. Beyoncé decided to roll up looking like a dime and basically just win life.

I mean, really: I, like many, have been a huge fan of Ms. Knowles-Carter since she first broke onto the scene with Destiny’s Child—back when few suspected she’d rise to the level of stardom/deity status she currently has—and I feel like, style-wise, she’s finally starting to come into her own (save for all of her Coachella getups, which, frankly, I could take or leave). She looks like Ginger, a la Casino, here, and it’s a look that totally works for her.

But I digress: this tomato-red ensemble is beautiful and perfect and reason enough to hemorrhage cash out the ass for premium cable. (Oh, and, I guess lots of other celebrities rolled up to the fight, too, if you care, of course.) [People]

King Nicki Minaj and her rumored fiancé Meek Mill also rolled through Vegas last night, and yeah, I give a shit about that, because I’m currently obsessed with all things Nicki (including a treasure trove of vintage (as far as the Internet goes) videos of Nicki in her early days—still as gangster now as she was then). I get the impression that Meek + Minaj (Meeki? Millaj?) are still working through the outfit coordination thing that so many celebrity couples have going on (see: above), but they look reasonably happy together.

Who doesn’t look reasonably happy together, however, are Beyoncé and Nicki in this snap posted last night to Ms. Minaj’s Instagram account:

I mean, I get that celebrities often forge friendships for the sake of good PR, but given the somewhat epic partnership that seemed to blossom between Yoncé and Nicki this past year—marked by the two appearing on each other’s notable tracks of late 2014—I wonder if there’s trouble in paradise, or if this is a case of everyone needing a drink and being annoyingly forced to take a photo for posterity. [Daily Mail]

Speaking of bad bitches: Rihanna. She’s a redhead again. Supposedly, it’s a wig, but it still looks amazing. [MTV]

Kanye West reportedly changed the title of his new album from So Help Me God to SWISH as homage to Kim Kardashian. That sounds, uh, pretty romantic? [Hollywood Life]

Chris Brown turns 26 this week and frankly I thought he was going to be, like, 40. (All he wants, by the way, is a reunion with the ex-girlfriend who is not his baby mama but whose name always escapes me and who, I sincerely hope, does not grant him even an iota of her time.) [Hollywood Life]

Selena Gomez went to church; looks happy to have gone to church. [Just Jared]

•Here’s Scarlett Johansson subtly throwing shade at Marvel for its drought of female superheroes. [Time]

ScarJo looking flawless on The Tonight Show, playing “Box of Lies” with Jimmy Fallon. [The Tonight Show]

•And Chris Evans politely but adorably and genuinely spooking Ms. Johansson on The Ellen Show. [Metro UK]

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