The Kids of Broadway's Matilda Are All Getting Lice


Looks like there’s a lil’ lice breakout happening behind the scenes of Broadway’s Matilda. The news isn’t terribly shocking considering just how many kids are in the cast, but it’s still the teensiest bit horrifying. Think about it — all those lice, all those wigs.

Page Six got the tip from an anonymous source who claims that “Several of the children have lice…The production is in chaos because they’re trying to keep it a secret from other actors and even some of the other children.”

A rep from Matilda confirmed the lice breakout, adding, “It happens at a lot of shows, and is not uncommon with school-age kids in general. It has been dealt with.”

It’s true. Lice is one of those things that tend to happen when a bunch of kids get together and really, when you think about it, the outbreak is really in the spirit of Matilda‘s source author Roald Dahl — or at least the Matilda antagonist Agatha Trunchbull. She spends the whole story — her against the world — trying to convince everyone how gross kids are and what do you know? She turned out to be right. Looks like ol’ Aggie’s the hero after all.

Image via Getty.

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