The Many Poses Of Lady Gaga


Inspired by Sassy‘s Dopey Fashion Poses feature, a reader contributed this — the poses of Lady Gaga.

She writes, “Full disclosure: I was listening to Justin Bieber as I made this.”

If this became a meme, that would a) be awesome and b) perhaps go some way towards assuaging the sense of loss that some of us still feel over our dead magazines. Which is not to say that we don’t “need” magazines because we have the Internet and its cat videos on tap now, but it is instead to point out that many creative functions that were previously, and only by default, the domain of print and print culture are now happening online. And perhaps the things we are doing are not just faster/nimbler/coming with a side of SEO but are actually in certain cases better because of this medium, without which they could not exist. The Poses Of Little Edie. The Poses Of World Dictators. The Poses Of Catalogs. I Find It Sexy When Both Members of A Couple Look Off To One Side. Make it happen, folks.

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