The New York Post Is a Fuccboi


In a beautiful encapsulation of New York City in 2018 and a deeply savvy if transparent attempt to get young people to buy their newspaper, the New York Post is running a full-page Supreme ad on its front page.

Obviously, they’re banking on the legacy streetwear label’s cachet to tempt hordes of 18-year-olds to line up to cop, as they did last February at various dank subway stations, when Supreme branded its own Metrocard. Will they be psyched to read today’s cover story about Tiger Woods? He’s wearing a polo, so maybe. For Supreme, though, the value is in further stamping its logo all over anything remotely iconic and emblematic of “old” New York—reminding stans of its origins in the city 24 years ago and giving it a further sheen of being of the skateboarding proles, if those skating proles are willing to throw down the cash and time to cop it. Either way, a #synergistic #effort in #branding, both teams played hard.

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