The Next Step In Cat Videos: The Kitten Live-Birth


Do you love cats? Do you love kittens? How about spanking-new, dewy, sweetly mewing newborn kittens? Yes you do. But do you love them enough to watch them being born, over and over again?

I’ve mentioned before that there’s a whole intense live-birth canon on YouTube. But it doesn’t stop there: The same goes for cats pushing out their cuddly little litters. Perhaps you knew about this (if so, you should have emailed me sooner). But you if you didn’t, and you can stomach the miracle of life in the domesticated-animal kingdom, this is a real treat.

NB: Depending on how you feel about this stuff, it is not for the weak of stomach.

Some of the videos are downright cute, and not too graphic. Also, the stoicism of mommy cats is rather impressive. Humans are weak in the face of Fluffy.

This cat was lucky enough to have a midwife coaching her through the finish.

Often, it’s a guy shoving the camera in the cat’s crotch. No matter what the species, dads are going to be dads in the delivery room.

Some births get the full proud-parent treatment, with videos that are unnecessarily long and come complete with a light-rock soundtrack.


But sometimes the blood is worth it, especially if it involves a DOGGY LICKING A NEWBORN KITTEN OH GOD.

If your tastes run towards the exotic, they’ve got that covered, like in the video of this Sphinx. A bald cat pushing out more bald cats!

Dog persons, fear not. There’s plenty here for you too.

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