The Real Housewives of New Jersey Are Back to Scream in Our Ears Once More


“You don’t go in between family!!!” a voice screeches from beyond the ether, and it belongs to Teresa Giudice, who’s here to lay down the rules of communication between blood relatives of Italian descent in the trailer for Season 9 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Melissa Gorga’s response to that, in a conversation that appears to happen over a family-style dinner gathering, is: “No one tells me how to speak to my husband. Not my sister-in-law. No one.” Period.

They’re back! And they hate each other! Again! More than ever!

The trailer for Season 9 fits perfectly with the lede that Us Weekly delivered, which is: “At it again!” New cast members this season include Jacqueline Goldschneider, who E! News describes as “a real estate attorney-turned-parent blogger and the mother of two sets of twins under age 10,” and Jennifer Aydin, a stay-at-home mom and wife of a plastic surgeon. Danielle Staub is returning, along with Margaret Josephs and Dolores Catania.

Watch the full trailer below.

Below are some quotes from the trailer that remain unattributed partly because I fell off from watching the past two seasons of this franchise, so I’m halfway clueless about which screaming voice belongs to whom:

“You’re drinking the Kool-Aid with her!”
“You don’t even know what you’re saying anymore!”
“You got the wrong fuckin’ girl!”
“You want something, bitch?!”
“We are Italians from Jersey. We love hard, we fight hard, and we go hard.”
“You guys are like my bitches and I’m your pimp!”
“I have no underwears on.”
“I was being arranged for marriage.”
“I’m like the badass Jewish chick from Jersey.”
“My cameltoe is getting a camel ride.”
“Sometimes my children are birth control.”
“The tinier, the better your ass looks.”
“I’m learning how to be a princess!”
“I can’t relate to people who have affairs with married people.”
“You think she’s fucking God!”

Now, I can’t tell if that last quote means the subject thinks she is God or thinks she’s having sexual relations with God. Either way, we’ll see!

More plot details Via E!:

In season nine, Giudice continues her journey as an independent woman during the final year of husband Joe Giudice’s prison sentence and enters a bodybuilding competition against her husband’s wishes. There’s also drama between her and Goldschneider.
Gorga discovers some scandalous secrets about her father. Catania struggles with empty nest syndrome and deals with her workaholic boyfriend David. Josephs prepares for bridesmaid duties in Staub’s wedding and also bickers with Aydin, who calls her out over the scandalous affair that ended her first marriage.

Who among us hasn’t called out a scandalous affair while preparing for bridesmaid duties? Season 9 premieres November 7 on Bravo.

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