The Royal Navy Found Some Adventure-Seeking Stowaway Baby Pigeons 


Ever find yourself strolling down the street, wondering: Where are all the baby pigeons? Grown pigeons are everywhere in cities around the world, swarming every bit of bagel you might drop on the ground. But where are their young? Stowing away to see the world, apparently.

The BBC reported:

Two baby pigeons found abandoned on a Royal Navy aircraft carrier have been flown ashore to be safely looked after by the RSPCA.
The pair were found on the HMS Queen Elizabeth by a sailor who heard them tweeting on a high ledge on deck.
Estimated to be about 10 days old, the chicks were discovered shortly after the ship left Portsmouth.

Also, baby pigeons are called “squabs.” The more you know!

“They were syringe-fed porridge and water on board,” the BBC added, before a helicopter already going that way transferred them back home to Somerset into the care of the RSPCA. Rude, considering they were trying so hard to see the world.

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