The Woman Behind the Homewrecker Website Takes Her Fight to TV


The woman who still goes by the name Ariella Alexander is still making the most of 15 minutes of fame; she was featured during Wednesday’s episode of Bethenny to support her websites She’s a Homewrecker and He’s a Homewrecker, alongside some very angry women on both sides of this public shaming of sluts issue.

Despite the fact that she’s been revealed to be Joy Marielle Tobon, Tobon/Alexander is still going by an alias, protecting herself while the women (and men) who have allegedly wronged others are put through the ringer online. Defending her job by comparing herself to a person who changed the way we communicate in the modern day – “Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t sit there and go through everything you put on Facebook” – Alexander/Tobon appeared far more rational than the women she appeared with, two of whom had posted on the site about their husband’s mistresses and one of whom had been on the receiving end of that kind of attack.

The conversation devolved into a slightly classier episode of Maury: probably because she’s so focused on “calling all her girls,” Bethenny Frankel relied heavily on audience participation, which meant the whole thing became a massive screaming match. Which ended up sort of supporting Tobon/Alexander’s argument that she’s tried to give an opportunity to shame the men, but her audience isn’t interested in that.

“He’s a Homewrecker dot com is available; unfortunately, the drama is with She’s a Homewrecker. People have no problem exposing the men, it’s not a controversy,” Alexander/Tobon said.

The feeling you’re left with after watching these women scream at each other is the same as the one you have after reading their posts and comments on both of Alexander/Tobon’s sites: disgust and a desire for a strong drink.

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