This Awkward Musical Wedding Toast Is as Embarrassing as It Is Awesome

In Depth

You’re going to want to watch this video as quickly as possible because its stars, Kelsey and Maddie, have likely already packed up and are traveling to Las Vegas to take over for Celine at The Colosseum where they’ll be performing this song (and only this song) to sold-out crowds on a nightly basis. Dearly beloved, this is the best wedding toast in the world.

According to Uproxx, K&M (I’m just trying out group names here) performed this toast at their sister Caitlin’s wedding. It’s true that stealing the show from the bride and groom is often in poor taste—see: proposing during a wedding reception—but when the two people doing it are A) sisters of the bride and B) singing a song about the people getting married as opposed to making it about themselves completely (all toasts are in part about how awesome and clever you are, let’s be real), it’s kind of adorable. And when the song is set to a medley of contemporary hits including a rewritten version of that one Backstreet Boys song about being sexual? Yes, I’ll pay $69.99 plus service fees to see that live.

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