This Bulldog Singing Frozen's 'Let It Go' Is The Meaning of Life


Philosophers, religious experts, scientists and drunk people on Twitter have pondered the meaning of life for eons. Why are we here? What is this world all about. I can tell you finally, because I am the only one who has figured it out. The meaning of life, the great mystery of why we exist, is for one reason and one reason alone—to listen to a dog sing a Disney song along with his two tone-deaf owners.

Meet Junior, a French bulldog. He loves to sing along with his human companions and he DGAF if you think these “singing Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ in cars” videos are played out. JUNIOR WILL SING TO WHATEVER JUNIOR WANTS TO SING TO, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I think this is the best version I have ever heard of this song (aside from this one, anyway). I hope Disney casts him in the sequel and will finally get the Disney movie we all truly deserve.

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