This Game of Chicken Sucks

This Game of Chicken Sucks
Graphic: (Elena Scotti/GMG; Image: Paramount Network, Getty)

After pushing back the premiere date of the Heathers reboot following the Parkland and Santa Fe High School shootings, the Paramount Network decided not to show the episodes that were scheduled to air on the same day as the Tree of Life synagogue shooting, as those episodes featured an active-shooter storyline. Paramount hasn’t canceled Heathers, but if they’re really going to push it back every time a mass shooting happens in America, I feel like they might as well?

Also this weekend, Hillary Clinton said that, although she doesn’t want to run for president a third time, she’d still “like to be president.” Advisors and confidantes have since clarified that she’s not going to run in 2020, but remember when she told CNN that she had “absolutely no plans to run” for president in 2016 and then ran for president in 2016? This game of chicken sucks. Or is it an endurance piece? Whatever circle of hell this is, please. No. More. Gimme the Tantalus rock thing. I mean the Tantalus water thing. Sisyphus had the rock. Gimme the rock water.

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