This Is a Very Random Thing for Glen Powell to Lie About

An editor is calling bullshit on Powell's recent claim that he puked at the sight of himself after a Hidden Figures screening.

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This Is a Very Random Thing for Glen Powell to Lie About

Some ten days ago, Glen Powell joined TikToker Jake Shane on his podcast, Therapuss with Jake Shane, to discuss dating horror stories, working out, and most randomly, Powell’s performance in Hidden Figures.

“I remember watching [Hidden Figures] for the first time on the Fox lot–and this was before all the effects were done, the music was in [and] the sound design–and I literally left the movie, and I puked in the bushes,” Powell said. Apparently, Powell thought his portrayal of John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962, was so bad that he became ill. Dramatic, given the film went on to nab three Oscar nominations, no?

“I thought I ruined this movie. I was like, ‘All these women put in these great performances and it’s like the legacy of these women–I was like, ‘I literally ruined this movie,'” he went on. “It feels like the most atrocious thing you can do as an actor is just be terrible in a movie about real-life people that need a real-life story.”

Well, over the weekend, an objection to Powell’s claim arrived…

Peter Teschner, an editor on the film, told TMZ that while there were “several” screenings of Hidden Figures during the editing process, he doesn’t recall one where any of the music was missing. In fact, even before the score was settled on, there were original songs from Pharrell Williams acting as a temporary one, Teschner said. Damn. Messy Teschy!

If what Teschner is true, there’s a chance Powell is either misremembering things or simply exaggerating for storytelling effect because he’s on a podcast. He’s a Libra. They do that. Then again, it’s also likely he’s just straight-up lying about vomiting at the sight of himself, and for many reasons, that possibility is absolutely tickling me. Men will literally make a film about “the legacy of these women” about themselves instead of going to therapy.

Should any witnesses to Powell’s alleged retching on the Fox lot or any of the Hidden Figures edit screenings be reading this, I am begging you to come forward.

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