This Photo Shoot Proves All Bodies Are Bikini Bodies


Hell Yeah, Summer! You know we’re about to hit bikini season because it’s a toasty 57 degrees in San Francisco and I’ve just started receiving swimsuit catalogs for Margie Levria (did she ever live here?) again. None of those catalogs, however, have got a thing on this amazing photoshoot from Swimsuits For All, which features plus-size models reenacting that Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover. You all know which one I’m talking about. Stop pretending!

Plus-size model Robyn Lawley collaborated with plus-size fashion blogger Gabbi Gregg and Swimsuits For All to bring us this amazing photoshoot, these amazing bikinis, and the important reminder that all bodies are beach ready. You wear whatever swimming suit you want this summer. If that means ruffles, awesome; and it if means a two-piece tankini (no idea what this is but i’m just so excited and WORDS) you go on and do you. And if you need me, I will be by the pool in my American flag speedo drinking Bud Light and eating croissants all day. (Because that is a real thing I do.)

Images via Swimsuits For All

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