Tough love.


Dear Gawker-for-Girlies

“I recently fell for a guy who was about 50 — I’m 29. We met on the phone for an interview and then we started e-mailing each other affectionately.
He asked me out, and we met once and had pricey dinner in a hotel. E-mails were the sole channel for our connection. The nightmare came when he told me by e-mail that he got married a year ago, and now is expecting a child.
I was very, very upset and have attempted suicide, but was saved fortunately. Am I too stubborn or to persistent in this virtual relationship? He doesn’t talk with me anymore — not even an e-mail. He is trying to avoid me. Obviously, he has shown he doesn’t want to keep a connection with me anymore.”

Dear Sadsack,

You met once. He found you physically repulsive. Get the fuck over it.



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