Trouble in Paradise for JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus

The young couple said their split was amicable but some subsequent TikToks and Insta stories beg to differ...

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Trouble in Paradise for JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus
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This brings me no joy to announce but what happens on a Royal Caribbean Cruise has unfortunately not stayed on a Royal Caribbean Cruise. If the rainbows in the sky were a little less bright than they normally are, it’s because our girl Jojo Siwa has not only had her heart broken, but she has been betrayed whilst on the high seas.

Over the weekend, it very clearly looked as if Siwa and her girlfriend of three months, Avery Cyrus, had split, presumably while on a sponsored Royal Caribbean Cruise vacation. (Hell.) Cyrus, a popular TikToker, posted a “day in the life” type video which included Jojo handing her a plushie toy and saying “This is my ‘I’m sorry for breaking up with you’ present.” But the video continued showing the two plus approximately 45 friends continuing to “rock climb, eat truffle cheese, and karaoke.” At least here, it looks like there’s no trouble—lactose intolerance aside—in paradise.


Best trip EVER thanks to @Royal Caribbean 💞💞#royalpartner #comeseek #wonderoftheseas

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Cyrus even responded to a concerned fan in the comments, saying, “We decided that we are better off as friends! We are both so young and still just trying to figure our stuff out!” I was content with that perfectly adequate break-up reason between a 22- and a 19-year-old until two other things were brought to my attention…

Yesterday, Cyrus posted a new TikTok with her EX-GIRLFRIEND and fellow social media sweetie Soph Mosca announcing they have to go on a non-refundable European vacation together that they booked eight months ago. We all know the set up of a reunion rom-com when we see one…

The two broke up in August of this year, about a month before Cyrus and Siwa announced they were official. Booking non-refundable international vacations in the time of Covid is a choice but I also need to remember that no one involved here is over the tender age of 23.

The plot thickens because while Cyrus has been quick to say the split was amicable, a different story is playing out across Siwa’s mom’s Instagram stories. On Sunday, Jessalyn Siwa posted a video of her daughter pacing around a hotel room and ranting that she “got used, for views and for clout” and was “tricked into being told I was in love and I got fucking played.” A different picture, indeed!

Did Siwa know about the non-refundable European vacation? Was it sprung on her while she got her blonde hair cornrowed in the Caribbean sun?? Did Cyrus and Mosca intentionally use Siwa to boost their follower counts?? Whatever the truth may be, it seems like an apt time to update the Lesbian TikTok Drama whiteboard chart…

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