Truly Inspiring: Congress To Work a Punishing 25 Full Weeks in 2016


America’s lesser legislative body has released its calendar for 2016, and on it, a grueling schedule that involves a full 25 four-or-five-day weeks, a punishing 111 days of work. Inspiring.

The legislative calendar for next year was released by former future Speaker of the House and current House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy of California. Because next year is an election year and every single member of Congress is up for reelection, they get all of August and October to ostensibly devote to campaigning, and in November, they only have to be at work for six days. Congressmen earn $174,000 to perform their very hard jobs, and unless they have rich spouses who work for Goldman Sachs, they are also covered by excellent taxpayer-funded insurance.

The average American is entitled to just 16 days of paid leave per year. The Census bureau estimates that the median wage for an American household is under $55,000 per year. America is one of three countries in the world that does not mandate paid parental leave for workers.

On behalf of the American people, I am incredibly touched by Congress’s dedication to doing as little work as possible. God bless this great land.

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