Tweets Are The New Baby Bumps: Katy Perry And The Birth Of Twitter "Pregnancy Hints"


Is Katy Perry pregnant? I have no idea! But People thinks she might be dropping “pregnancy hints” on her Twitter page, based on a few things she’s written lately. Let’s look at the evidence, shall we, Rescue Rangers?

“It started with her Jan. 1 message,” Mike Fleeman writes, “‘Let me tell you 2010 is BUMPIN!’ Then on Friday, Perry wrote, ‘Hey @rustyrockets” – Brand’s Twitter name – ‘ heard ur prego-ed.’ She adds, ‘I WANT IN AND OUT,’ a Southern California hamburger chain, before telling Brand, “I love you … (awwwww barf!).” So there you have it. Katy Perry is maybe-possibly pregnant because she said “prego-ed,” used the word “bumpin,” which evidently means “I am now with child” and she referred to burgers and barf, which is only allowed if one is either a. having a baby or b. starring on You Can’t Do That On Television in 1986.

It’s nothing new for magazines to speculate over celebrity pregnancies—one look at any Midweek Madness column will show you that someone, somewhere in Hollywood, is always “pregnant, question mark?” Yet we may be seeing the start of a whole new baseless speculation (or perhaps not so baseless, if Fleeman happens to be right) trend in Twitter “hints,” as the ol’ standbys, like “baby bumps” and photographing an actress who happens to be carrying a purse across her lower half may be getting old for readers who are tired of answering stupid questions like “baby, or pie?! WHAT IS IN HER STOMACH!?” and want to do some celebrity sleuthing, however stupid it may seem, for themselves.

The peculiar world of Twitter, and the direct contact people feel they get with celebrities, will only lead people to keep reading between the lines in order to solve a mystery that may only exist in their minds. Katy Perry might not even be aware that she’s been “dropping pregnancy hints.” Sometimes, there’s no hidden story in tweeting about barf, burgers, and love.

Is Katy Perry Dropping Pregnancy Hints? [People]

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