Valentine's Day Crackdown Abroad • Woman Protects Pup, Punches Coyote


• Saudi policemen have begun a crackdown on Valentine’s Day items, including red roses, heart-shaped products or gifts wrapped in red. Celebration of the Hallmark holiday is banned in Saudi Arabia, as is celebration of some other Western holidays. •

• A 28-year-old British man sustained serious injuries when his girlfriend attacked him in the back of a taxi and stabbed him in the eye with her stiletto heel. The shoe passed through his eye and touched his brain. Staci Hargreaves, the alleged attacker, has been charged with wounding with the intent to cause serious bodily harm. • A 20-year-old man from Canton has been charged with child endangerment after he tattooed the letter “A” on a baby’s bottom. The one-year-old girl was brought to his house by a female relative, but it is unclear why he tattooed the infant. • A New Zealand surgeon has received a reprimand for swearing repeatedly at a patient. He told the Maori woman to go on a “fucking diet.” The woman, who is described as “severely obese,” said she did not like the word diet, and prefers the term “lifestyle.” • Early Wednesday morning Marie Simon was out walking her puppy when she was attacked by a coyote. She managed to throw her puppy clear of harm before punching the coyote in the jaw, which sent it flying. Following the badass fight, Simon needed only a bandage for her knuckles and a tetanus shot. • Authorities in Arizona report that they have taken a 14-year-old girl into custody after she escaped from a “virtual prison” in her own home. Her father reportedly kept her locked in a bathroom for two months, and only fed her once every day or so. She was severely malnourished, but she managed to escape from the bathroom and ride her bike 13 miles to a strip mall, where she bought food, clothes and water. • Dr Sapandeep Sahni, 33, hanged herself after a round of IVF didn’t work. Sahni was reportedly “desperate for another child” and despondent that the fertility treatments failed. Sahni is survived by her husband and daughter. • Five different teachers at a UK school have been accused of entering into inappropriate relationships with students. The most recent affair involved Christopher Reen, a classroom assistant at Headlands School in Bridlington, who admitted to an affair and six counts of sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl. • Crazy-pants birther Nathan Deal has this to say about his request for Obama’s birth certificate: “I want to tell you something. Political incorrectness is paralyzing our society. These kinds of things deserve straightforward responses. And I think this ought to be put to rest I’m not questioning his legitimacy to serve as president. I would think he’d like to clear that up in as unequivocal a fashion as possible.” To watch the video, and get the full effect of his insanity, go here. • And in other crazy-person news, an 18-year-old woman from Sweden has been arrested for posting pictures of her ex-boyfriend’s “little” penis all over his neighborhood. She also printed out pictures of his current girlfriend and labeled her “slut” and threw eggs at his car. •

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