Victoria's Secret Really Wants You to Exercise in Their Clothes


Perhaps in an attempt to jumpstart the slow sales of their sexXxxxxY sports bras, Victoria’s Secret is releasing a catalogue of their sports-only clothing options, just like they do for their swimsuits.

Fashion Gone Rogue draws our attention to these new shots from the Victoria’s Secret Sport catalogue featuring Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge. It’s an interesting addition, considering that earlier this year, VS stopped selling real clothes and started focusing on their “core offerings” – a category into which sports bras and leggings seem to fall (and one that the Wall Street Journal reported has been growing in sales industry-wide).

While some of the photos are pretty VS sexy, others, like the one below, seem more like something you’d see from Lululemon or Under Armour.

But from a video about the shoot, it’s clear that VS is never going to forget the sexy part of their brand, as model Martha Hunt makes clear while explaining why a padded sports bra is necessary: “The padding is great because it gives you a little extra lift to feel more confident and feminine.”

Images via Victoria’s Secret

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