Video Game Would Make Players Navigate Abortion Access in Texas


Choice: Texas is an interactive fiction game that allows users to attempt to get an abortion in the state. As you might’ve guessed via your womanly intuition/following the coverage of the insanity in Texas, it ain’t easy to be a woman in the Lone Star State these days.

The creators currently have an IndieGoGo up and running to raise funds to create the game. Here’s how they describe it:

Choice: Texas is an educational interactive fiction game which will be freely available on the web. Players will explore the game through one of several characters, each of whom reflects specific socioeconomic, geographic, and demographic factors impacting abortion access in Texas. Although billed as interactive fiction, Choice: Texas is based on extensive research into healthcare access, legal restrictions, geography, and demographics, and is reflective of the real circumstances facing women in the state.

Sounds like a uniquely challenging game, and maybe something every anti-choice legislator should be forced to play. Is there a fund we can contribute to that makes sure our government actually takes care of its citizens — including women? Because apparently the benefits of taxation don’t always extend to vaginas.

The creators will present a prototype of the game at this September’s Future and Reality of Gaming conference in Vienna, and until then will be raising the money to make it happen.

[IndieGoGo via Reality Check]

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