Vinny From Jersey Shore Debuts His Bully-Fighting Clothing Line


Vinny Guadagnino (yeah, from “Jersey Shore“) has started a clothing line, IHAV. It’s urbane, witty, sophisticated. Yet its message is…accessible.

Vinny’s clothing line appears to consist of tees bearing the legend, “Fuck Bullies.” At first, I was like, Ok, sure.

Then I realized it might be interpreted as a directive.

From the bully’s perspective.

It’s still…sort of sweet that his whole family’s representing.

Albeit inappropriate.

It’s like the bridesmaid dress that you can’t actually wear in any other context. Except it’s a shirt that says “fuck bullies.”

The only amazing thing is that Danielle Staub wasn’t wearing one. As a dress.

Ronny somehow manages to project the spirit of the message even without the physical tee.

Just to give you a full picture of the…ambiance at NYC’s Greenhouse.

[Images via Getty]

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