Vogue Party Populated With Chic Anna-lytes


The Moncler and Vogue Cocktail Party at 90 Prince Street was, of course, highly fashionable: Anna Wintour, Zac Posen, Rachel Roy, Kerry Washington…you name it, they were there!

Anna Wintour, per usual, in her characteristic silhouette.

Amanda Brooks, in what can only be called a scrolldown Sesame Street.

Chiara Clemente dresses up basics with a touch of the Rainbow Brites!

For fashionista Fabiola Beracasa, this is downright demure — even the Kit Kat Klub footwear!

Hilary Rhoda, stunning in vaguely Tiffany-esque metallics! (Louis Comfort, not the 80s pop sensation.)

Rachel Roy favors — and rocks — Lisa Frank purple!

The ever-chic Olivia Chantecaille, making a case for classics.

Vogue Italia doyenne Franca Sozzani in her signature mix of sparkle and fade.

Zac Posen, as usual, defines “dapper.”

When Kerry Washington puts on the dog (as Grandpa would say), all eyes are on her. Especially in sparkle motion!

[Images via Getty]

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