Vote In The Official Jezebel Shittiest Celebrity News Of The Week Poll


So many awful, devastating, terrible things happened this past week. I read all of your comments, reacting to the stories, and my heart broke with you. I watched you shed your tears, all because this week brought a trio of tragedies to world of entertainment news reporting.

First. Love died. It died as we were cradling it in our arms, telling it how much we cherish it and how we’ll always remember the good times, but now it’s time to let go and move on to a world without pain.

Then, the world killed a beautiful, beautiful thing. Because the world does not know how to live with such beauty. The world is like Lenny. And the rabbits are the Jennifer Love Hewitt Hand Job Show. It could not hold on to it without destroying it. And because of that, it is lost to us forever.

Lastly, just as we were starting to come to terms with all this pain, starting to move into acceptance—BAM. News comes that a perfect rose will no longer grace us on our favorite show. Jessica Lange. Please don’t leave me. Not now. Not when I need you most.

Now you get to decide. Turn your pain into a vote on this very important and influential poll, below. You tell us—what was the shittiest celebrity news story this week? Which one of these stories really and truly ruined your life this week?

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