Warrior Princess Beats Ph.D In Cage Match


Last night, moments after Zoila “Warrior Princess” Frausto said in an interview, “A lot of people think that most women in this sport [are] brutes… I’m feminine,” she punched and kneed a Ph.D in the face.

Frausto, who is 5’5″ and 120 lbs, was competing in a Bellator mixed martial arts event; she is a black belt in tae kwon do (her little sister is also a a MMA fighter) and had a record of 6 wins and 1 loss. She wears trunks trimmed with pink in the ring. It’s interesting that even in this day and age, she feels the need to point out that she “likes to be a woman” even though she also really enjoys punching, kicking and elbowing her opponents in the cage — as if the two were mutually exclusive.

Frausto’s challenger, Rosi Sexton (5’4″; 121 lbs.), holds a Ph.D in theoretical computer science.

You’ve got to love that both of these women defy preconceived notions of both what some people believe it means to be a woman (small and therefore weak) and also what it means to be a fighter (dumb, non-intellectual).

Also: You do not want to get on the bad side of either of these ladies. Frausto won the fight (in two minutes), but they’re both super tough.

Bellator [Official Site]
Zoila Frausto, Rosi Sexton [Wikipedia]

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