Watch a Judge Stop This Rap Battle After MC Threatens to Rape a Woman


A BBC radio presenter stopped a rap battle in London when a rapper referenced rape against his female opponent.

The incident occurred during a a rap showcase held in London:

The Jump Off hosts a weekly battle for underground rappers in London and this week saw MC Lighte The Boombox take on female MC D’Klastro, and while the artists
usually rip into each other with insulting lyrics, MC Lighte took it
way too far when he threatened to sexually assault his female sparring

“After this, in the alley you gonna get raped,” said MC Lighte in his verse to MC D’Klastro. That’s when Nihal, a radio presenter for BBC 1, bolted to the stage and interrupted the battle. This is how he responded to MC Lighte’s rap, via Digital Spy:

An angry Nihal took to the stage to hit out at the MC, rapping: “What
the f**k, you fat idiot. Didn’t you have a [mum]? Didn’t you have a

“Why you so dumb? You misogynistic prick. Talking, you think you’re sick.”

added: “You fat f**king idiot. Rapping on this trip. This is the Jump
Off, this is the big stage, this is Nihal, feel this f**king rage.

“You fat f**k. What happens when you shave? You cut yourself and out comes gravy and lard? You’re not brave.”

*Sigh* Countering rape threats with fat insults. OK, so that’s what you get in a rap battle. You get the picture now (for those of you who only know a “rap battle” as something that happened in an Eminem movie). Yes, the shit is brutal and yes, they take no prisoners, verbally. Rap battles are notoriously filled with the kind of harsh, jaw-dropping
insults that can make even the most thick-skinned people cry for their mothers.

But apparently even in that world, for some, comments about
rape are way over the line and totally unwelcome. Someone like Nihal taking a stand like this sends a message—this type of threat, specifically directed at women is not acceptable even in a place where anything goes. Because this is on another level. A rape threat not an “insult” or a “dis” or whatever the kids are calling it—it’s a threat of physical violence directed at a woman and it doesn’t belong in a place where you are showcasing your talents.

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