Watch a Sicilian Nun Singing Alicia Keys Bring a Rapper to Tears


As seen on The Voice Italy, a nun — 25-year-old Sister Cristina Scuccia — auditioned with an Alicia Keys track and made everyone watching fall in love with her.

Press the “cc” button on the video to make sure you’re getting English captions!

First of all: It’s awesome that some director told a cameraman to be sure and capture her practical footwear.

The fact that audience jumped to their feet definitely influenced the judges, but still — it’s fun to watch their reactions.

The Adam Levine of Italy just couldn’t believe it. (Adamo Levini?)

The Christina Aguilera of Italy (Cristina Aguileri?) was also in shock.

But really, it was all about rapper J-Ax.

J-Ax tried to convince Cristina to join his team by saying, “You know, in music mix works very well… Sweet and sour, hugs and hits… Me and you are invincible, you know why? We, together, are the Devil and the Holy Water! You have to choose me.”

She talked about her voice being a gift and he started crying!

But in the end, she chose him, and they shared a magical hug.


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