Watch the Best of the Worst Moments of Dina Lohan's Dr. Phil Interview


You know that you’re a real fuck up when one television interview solidifies that you’re the most out of control person in a family full of notorious addicts with long criminal histories.

Dina Lohan made her daughter Lindsay look downright sophisticated in comparison to her own behavior during an interview with Dr. Phil that aired on his show today. Scattered, confused, and incorrectly using two-syllable words (which Phil pointed out to her), she offended the TV host by refusing to answer any of his questions honestly. At one point, when she could tell that the interview was completely bombing, she tried to apologize and asked him to pound her fist. Dr. Phil refused. How does she not know that this is not his first time at the rodeo? You cannot pull the wool over his eyes. No matter how flat you cook a pancake it still has two sides, etc.

P.S. This was Phil’s face during most of the interview.

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