We Have Crowned The Next "It" Carbohydrate!


The results are in, and our “it” sweet poll has a surprising winner!

Yes, in an upset victory, taking a full 36.2% of runoff votes, donuts triumph! They beat out macarons, with 21.5%; whoopie pies, with 17.9%; funnel cake, with a dismal 16.1%; and various write-ins such as “pizza” and “dippin dots,” which I’d like to point out were “the ice cream of the future” when I was in middle school. One the one hand, this is exciting news, because donuts are delicious. On the other, I’m a little disturbed.

My favorite donut shop of all time was a place where the owner kept trying to interest us in get-rich-quick schemes to supplement his presumably rather small profits. It was a place where you could forget your jacket, vomit in the parking lot, wander home in the rain, and come back the next day to find your jacket freshly folded by the aforementioned owner, and a free donut waiting for you as consolation for your travails. Perhaps donuts won precisely because they are often a late night or early morning food, a food of humble origins, strong emotions, and indelible memories. Perhaps we are the donuts we tell. But if they become an “it” snack, if donutteurs pretty up their offerings with lavender water or pistachios or whatever, and if they are rewarded with lines around the block, who will save your jacket for you when you vomit? A macaron-store owner, perhaps?

I guess all I’m saying here is that with great power comes great responsibility. Also, here is a picture of some donuts, including the best kind: white icing, chocolate sprinkles. Enjoy!

Cupcake image via Stephanie Frey/Shutterstock.com.

Donut image via Jiri Hera/Shutterstock.com.

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