We Will Not Be Taking Any Questions on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Demeanor

Let's return to the cursed time of 2018 at the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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Photo: (L) Andrew Harnik / (R) Saul Leob (Getty Images)

Monday marked the beginning of the confirmation hearing of Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Biden’s first nomination to the Supreme Court. She would be the first Black woman confirmed to the nation’s highest court.

The process begins with every member of the Senate Judiciary Committee giving opening statements, and every Republican has brought up the circus and hullabaloo surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings about three and a half years ago. Sens. Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham want to conflate the hearings of accused sexual assaulter Kavanaugh with the very normal and drama-free Jackson.

The processes are not the same. Jackson has not been accused of sexual assault as a teenager or young adult, like Kavanaugh, nor has she been accused of sexual misconduct during any other part of her life. The reason her hearings are (thus far) boring is because she has been twice as good as her white legal colleagues.

Let’s return back to 2018 to see just how emotional Kavanaugh was and how he made the hearings a circus all on his own.

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