Welcome To 2010: Neon Hair, Defriending, And Mad Hatter Chic


With the new decade in full swing, writers at both the LA Times and Washington Post are predicting what will be in and what will be out in both fashion and pop culture over the next year or so.

Monica Hesse and Dan Zak of the Washington Post have created a list of ins and outs for 2k10, deeming the Jonas Brothers, Intervention, and “D-List” as so last decade as compared to Justin Bieber, Hoarders, and “defriend,” respectively.

Booth Moore, Adam Tschorn and Melissa Magsaysay of the LA Times, meanwhile, focus more on fashion trends of the new year, predicting a cultural obsession with all things Brazil and a shift toward Alice in Wonderland chic, thanks to Tim Burton’s upcoming adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s famed work. The fashion world, the Times notes, seems to be taken with Alice, as “designers recently name-checking Lewis Carroll and his creations include Donatella Versace, Jason Wu, Kenzo’s Antonio Marras, and Zac Posen.”

Judging solely by the celebrity pictures I’ve come across over the past two days, I’m going to throw a few more guesses out there. People seem to be somewhat fascinated by Jennifer Lopez’ sparkly bodysuit (which struck me as very 00s, honestly—Britney has been there many times before) from New Year’s Eve, and it’s gotten her so much press that I wouldn’t be surprised if they take off as a legit trend of sorts (have they already? I’m very uncool about these things). Lady Gaga, who was doing Alice In Wonderland chic about two years ago, just dyed her hair a shade of neon Gatorade yellow, so perhaps that’s the next big thing as well. You never know. I mean, the lady helped usher in an era of no-pants, people.

As always, feel free to add your own predictions in the comments.

The List: What’s In And Out For 2010 [WashingtonPost]
Fashion Forecasts For 2010 [LATimes]

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