Wendy Williams Has Stepped in Some Shit Again Over Ashley Graham's Diaper Pic

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Wendy Williams Has Stepped in Some Shit Again Over Ashley Graham's Diaper Pic
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Wendy Williams would probably be much less famous if she stopped haranguing Instagram influencers and random passersby. She would have never had the influence on radio that she had if she wasn’t regularly insulting guests to their faces—remember that Whitney Houston interview?—nor would her talk show have lasted as long as it has, were she not farting on camera and informing gay audience members that they should stop wearing “women’s” heels and dresses. I genuinely believe she cannot help but be an endless font of chaos wherever someone is willing to point a camera at her.

On Thursday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show, she stepped in the shit again. This time, however, the shit was a tangible object and not a grossly overused gossip entertainment idiom. Ashley Graham, who last week changed her baby’s diaper on the floor of a Staples, probably forgot some of the smear left behind by her baby’s diarrhea overflowing onto the time-worn office supply chain’s carpeting. Williams, doing what she often does, delicately took her sneaker off and metaphorically rubbed it around in the baby refuse. I really wish she hadn’t!

Speaking to the audience on Thursday’s episode, Williams said: “I don’t like what she did. Now, as a mother, you hate it when you go places and there are no changing tables… So she’s in Staples with her 7-week-old son… and he does an explosive. So she changed that in the aisle. Personally speaking, I don’t want to see that.” She continued, claiming that “this is not cool and I don’t know why we have to know about it on your Instagram.”

Besides Amy Schumer, who called Graham a “queen” for changing the diapers, most of the moms in the comments section of Graham’s post did seem to agree with Williams. And to be clear, I personally think there are better—and safer—places to change a baby’s diaper. Like the printer aisle! Nobody goes there anymore.


But trolls in Graham’s comments aside, everyone should be a bit more understanding of her status as an extremely new mom, who probably panicked and changed the baby without thinking. Considering this extremely new mom is also an Instagram influencer—and potential diaper sponsorships are likely on the line—I’d say this is the best way Graham could have realistically reacted in this situation. Wendy Williams, however, should absolutely know better. Except she doesn’t! And now I’m writing a blog about it. (Sidenote: If you are the lady pictured in the background of Graham’s photo, please, I’m begging you, call me!) [ET]

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