We're going to tell daddy on you!


Because we are small-minded and bitter and single, we are feeling some warmth for hardline Hindu extremists in India, this morning. Why?

Find out, after the jump……

Because they want to ban Valentines Day, that’s why.

“One Hindu group, the Shiv Sena, said its volunteers would photograph couples caught in “compromising positions”. Overt signs of affection, such as kissing and holding hands, are frowned upon in much of traditional Indian society.
Shiv Sena has warned that its activists will stake out public parks, cinemas and shopping malls in a number of cities, and photographs of couples courting will be handed over to their parents.
Mahaveer Parikh, a spokesman for another hardline group, Bajrang Dal, told the BBC from Jaipur: “We will protest with all our might. We will do anything it takes to stop young couples in a behaviour that is against Indian culture.
“Even exchanging cards at a young age is against Indian culture because it pollutes young minds.”

You go boys! If we can’t be happy and get red roses and heart-shaped balloons, and publicly parade our hot boyfriends in front of all those singleton losers, then no-one can.

[We’re so moving to India]

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