We're Halfway There! This Is Your Sixth Democratic Debate Liveblog

We're Halfway There! This Is Your Sixth Democratic Debate Liveblog

It’s fitting that we almost didn’t make it to this night, the midpoint in the interminable slog of Democratic debates, yet Loyola Marymount University has settled their labor dispute and no will will be crossing any picket lines to assemble in Los Angeles for yet another primary death match. We’ll watch a deeply preened crop of candidates—only seven have qualified for tonight’s debate, co-hosted by PBS NewsHour and Politico—speak to their vision of a democracy in its death rattles. (It is, after all, just 24 hours since the House of Representatives voted to impeach the sitting president and a mere 84,3930 hours since they began debating it.)

Yet there are other, more pressing questions at play. Is tonight the night that someone punches Pete Buttigieg? Will Bernie and Warren stop avoiding eye-contact and get messy? Will Andrew Yang exit into a mosh pit of Yang Gang superfans? Will someone finally explain to me what the hell Tom Steyer is doing here? Will a hole open up and absorb the cast of Jezebel into our final resting place in the, hopefully WiFi-free, center of the earth? (Sounds relaxing)

I don’t have answers, yet, but here we are. Blogging, just for you.

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