What Sadistic A-Hole Greenlighted This Netflix Show?


This trailer for a new reality TV show on Netflix called The Push promises compelling viewing that will likely make you disgusted with yourself and the world after watching it.

Host Derren Brown calls himself a “psychological illusionist,” which is the most bullshit pseudoscience title I’ve ever heard. Brown has set up an elaborate, rehearsed scenario to see if the “contestant” can be pushed into committing murder by pushing another man to his death. Presumably, if he resists the urging of the paid actors and whatever harrowing circumstances that make him think murder is the only answer, he wins? And if he does “kill” the guy, he lives with knowing he is for all intents and purposes a murderer for the rest of his life. Fun!

It’s possible the trailer makes this seem like more of a morally bankrupt spectacle from hell than it actually is, so righteous non-murderers like myself can rage about it. The real question is, if Netflix offered you money to make a show about tricking someone into becoming a murderer, would you take it?

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