What The World Looks Like Down Under


Have you ever wondered what life looks like for a vagina? This video, from a Dutch advertising company, shows an entire day from the POV of one of the female reproductive organs.

The commercial is for GlaxoSmithKline’s Lactacyd vaginal cream. Like the Australian Kotex ad we’ve run before, the Lactacyd video is explicitly about the care of a woman’s vagina, no euphemisms, no blue liquid, no ambiguous shots of girls doin’ girl stuff while vague and annoying music (“It’s just an ordinary day!”) plays in the background. The Lactacyd ad, created by the female creative duo Grey Amsterdam, shows all the things a vagina would see throughout the day: a toilet bowl, some guy’s naked torso, a tampon coming straight at it. It’s not perfect (feminine hygiene commercials rarely are) but at least you know exactly what it’s for.

Finally, An Ad Told From The POV Of A Vagina! [AdFreak]

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