What Was Drew Wearing? And Other Red Carpet Questions


Plenty of the luminaries on CoverGirl 50th-anniversary red carpet were lovely. Then there was Drew Barrymore‘s neon sack…

Taylor Swift did a quick-change between the People’s Choice Awards and this, and I for one prefer the “Madame X”-esque LBD!

It’s the 60’s bouffant that makes Virginia Williams‘ getup Vegas-fab…and the back has a nifty drape, in case you’re wondering.

Portia and Ellen, sleek and coordinated.

While I don’t love the shoe, Lauren Conrad still borders on elegance! (Still not buying her style book.)

Amber Riley is pure, 60s glam.

Kendra Wilkinson‘s dress gives the disconcerting impression of eyes staring up from her boobs.

Jessica Lowndes: Beyond Thunderdome.

You know how they say some women would look good in a sack? Apparently in Drew Barrymore’s case, it’s true. Specifically, the result of a Project Runway Challenge in which it appears someone had to work exclusively with prison uniforms.

[Images via Getty]

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