What's The Deal With Ronnie's Drunk Mother?


Very few things that happen on Jersey Shore are shocking anymore, particularly for regular viewers, who have just about become desensitized to the rampant misogyny, sexual double standards, and rigid-yet-not-particularly-traditional gender roles on display. It’s like, we all know this show is trash—it’s the reason we watch it—and trash is gonna stink. There’s no surprise in any of that. However, among the usual sexism on last night’s episode, there was a genuine WTF moment when Ronnie’s mother repeatedly called the house in the middle of the day, drunk off her ass.

What was even weirder about the incident was that the only one who seemed surprised or freaked out by the whole thing was Deena. But I’m wondering if that’s because Deena is new to the cast, thus new to what is considered a common occurrence to everyone else. Did you notice how JWoww nodded and gave the international hand signal for “wasted”? Also, when Ronnie got home and finally talked to his mother, he didn’t seem horrified or confused, as most people would be, but instead calmly tried to get the situation under control. It makes me think back to the first episode of this season when fighting with Sammi and Ron, Snooki yelled that Ron’s mom calls her everyday and complains about how Sam is a bitch. Snooki later admitted that she “embellished” this, but pointed out that Ron didn’t saying anything to dispute it. Initially everyone thought that this was proof that Ronnie’s mom doesn’t actually like Sam, when really, it might be proof that she regularly harasses the Jersey Shore cast when she’s drunk.

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