Whoopi Goldberg Tells Meghan McCain to Shut Up, Thank You


Whoopi Goldberg has had enough of her View co-host Meghan McCain. Haven’t we all?

The show got off to a rough start on Monday morning during “Hot Topics” while the hosts were discussing impeachment proceedings. After Sunny Hostin pointed out the hypocrisy of any conservative senator that would impeach President Clinton but not impeach President Trump, McCain argued that her job is not to debate the ethics of impeachment, but only to comment on the politics. Sure, Jan.

Goldberg tried to move on to the next topic, and apparently got fed up with McCain’s refusal to stop speaking. McCain went on to wonder, “Do you want to hear a conservative perspective on the show ever?” and Goldberg interjected with something I wish McCain’s co-hosts would say more often: “Girl, please stop talking! Please stop talking right now.”

McCain, visibly annoyed, then said she would not talk for the rest of the show, to which Goldberg replied, “I’m okay with that.”

So am I! Of course, McCain did not actually remain silent for the rest of the episode, but I would like to remind McCain that there is no shame in quitting, especially when all your coworkers can see through your bullshit from a mile away. New year, new you, right?

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