Why You Wanna Go And Put Stars On Your Profile?


Hey kids: I’ve been getting a ton of emails regarding stars as of late. Just a few reminders as to how to go about getting a star and such. Please, please, follow these directions, k?

You need at least 40 followers to receive a star. If you’ve reached that number, you can send me an email (my email address is located on the masthead), but please, please, for the love of Gob, attach a link to your profile page with your request. It is nearly impossible for me to track some of you down, as your screen names are always changing, and don’t always reflect the name attached to your profile page. It may take me a few days to get to the starring process, as well, especially if you send the request in on the weekends: things are crazy busy and it takes me a while to get to them. If your request goes un-starred for more than a week or so, send me another email. Sometimes things slip my mind, or the stars don’t take the first time I try to add them to your profile.

As far as avatar questions go: we’ve had some technical problems with pictures not changing and such. If you have any technical problems at all, it is best to send them to me with as many details as possible: the type of computer you are using, a screenshot of the issue if possible, the operating system and browser you’re using, etc. That way, I can forward it along to our tech team.

Any other questions about the site can probably be answered here or here.

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