Will Oprah And Sarah Ferguson Make TV Magic?


The Daily Mail says Sarah Ferguson has been offered her own show on Oprah’s network. Will such a show “pull away the onion skin…and merge the dark and the light of Sarah,” as Ferguson rambled to Oprah last month?

That was one of Fergie’s batty pronouncements when she went on Oprah’s show in June to apologize to the millions of people she allegedly hurt by falling for a sting extortion by the News Of The World. She also said, “I haven’t faced the devil in the face, because I was in the gutter in that moment.”

Well, if the reports are true, Fergie will have the chance to crawl out of the gutter (and out of debt) and face the devil in the face in front of a cable audience, courtesy of fairy godmother Oprah. According to The Mail‘s source,

‘Oprah was impressed by Sarah’s ability to face up to her errors and to apologise publicly for them. Americans love people who reinvent themselves and Oprah believes Sarah can do that on the new network.

Apparently the channel is having trouble finding quality original programming — contests can only go so far. And Ferguson does actually have some television experience; she has guest-hosted Larry King Live and done Today segments. But if she keeps up these sorts of vaguely mystical but ultimately impenetrable one-liners, like Glenn Beck without the politics, that it itself might be enough to draw an audience. The source continues,

‘Sarah also believes her chances of finding meaningful work in Britain are negligible and she has always felt more accepted in America.

America: Where we accept redemption in the face of… what exactly? Whatever. As long as you entertain us.

Oprah Offers Debt-Ridden Fergie TV Show [Daily Mail]

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