Woman Proposes to Girlfriend With Musical About Their Relationship

A woman wrote a musical based on her relationship with her girlfriend and used it to surprise her with a proposal.

Kriss and Lauren-Joy meet on an online dating site and fell in love. Kriss decided she was ready to ask Lauren-Joy to get married but wanted to do something that was not only big and bold but involved their friends and family. According to the website How He Asked, this is what went down:

On Monday September 15th, 2014, Kriss surprised Lauren-Joy at work with a town car. She was then driven to her house and given 30 minutes to pack an overnight bag and get ready for a night on the town. The first stop was the restaurant where they had their first date. Inside were three of Lauren-Joy’s friends to surprise her and calm her nerves! Next stop, a local theater where Kriss invited Lauren-Joy to see a brand new musical. Little did she know it would change their lives forever…
With the help of family and friends, the story of their love was beautifully told through scenes, songs and quotes from the everyday lives of Kriss and Lauren-Joy.

During the last act, Kriss got up on stage and asked Lauren-Joy to marry her. OK, even a crusty old bastard like me who side-eyes most public proposals thinks this is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to the two of them. If someone were to write about my relationship, it would probably be just like Cats. Only with vodka instead of cats.

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