Woman Quits Her Job, Becomes A Hero


After enduring her crappy boss for too long, Jenny quit. But rather than give two weeks notice, she went big. Is she for real, or just a meme? Not sure, but either way she’s an inspiration to us all.

Yesterday “Jenny” sent 34 photos to her entire office. One of the roughly 20 employees forwarded the email to TheChive.com, which has the entire series.

Basically, Jenny’s boss Spencer was never a delight:

But for two years she put up with his temper and “bad breath” because she wanted to be a broker. Then while transferring a call last week, she heard him call her a “HOPA.”

Lest you think that Spencer’s slimy behavior is confined to sexually harassing the ladies, Jenny reveals that he’s reviled by all of her co-workers, particularly since he started monitoring their online time. As his assistant, she has access to this information and thought everyone might like to know,

In addition to spending four hours per week on Scottrade and five hours per week on TechCrunch (which doesn’t seem so bad) he logs,

Jenny concludes, “Although I don’t have another job… Something tells me I’ll be just fine :)” And something tells us that the name “Spencer” will live forever in the annals of asshole bosses.

Girl Quits Her Job On Dry Erase Board, Emails Entire Office [The Chive]

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