Woman Who Taunted Dying Girl Ordered To Leave Neighborhood


Jennifer Petkov, who rose to internet infamy after taunting a neighbor girl who has Huntington’s Disease, is being forced to move out of her home after admitting she tried to run over another neighbor.

The Detroit News reports that Petkov pled guilty on Tuesday to the assault and battery of her next-door neighbor Tana Boling. She’s been sentenced to 18 months probation with a long list of conditions. Petkov will serve 93 days in jail if she contacts the victim or enters the five-block area surrounding her old address, and she must go to anger management counseling, undergo a psychological evaluation, and attend substance abuse treatment if necessary.

As you’ll recall, Petkov recently lost custody of her kids. She also received some vigilante justice courtesy of 4Chan after taunting Kathleen Edward, a terminally ill 7-year-old. As for Kathleen, the toy store owner who organized a toy drive for her reports on Reddit:

She’s doing as well as can be expected. The stress of all the public spotlight was getting to be a bit too much, and she started to have some issues, but she’s a tough little girl and is holding on.

He adds that her family is “pretty happy” that Petkov is moving out. Sounds like there are a lot of neighbors who feel the same way.

Neighbor Who Taunted Dying Girl To Move As Part Of Plea Deal [Detroit News via Urlesque]
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