Women Claim Maker of 'Breastmilk Keepsakes' Is Running a Huge Scam


A brand of extremely sentimental woman might choose to send her breastmilk to a company called MommyMilk Creations, which promises to transform your mommy juice into an adorable little pendant. But now, dozens of women who have paid and sent in their organic materials have been basically stranded—the company will not send them the finished product, nor will it provide any kind of rationale for the delay.

According to Rhode Island radio station WPRO, women are distraught not only because of the financial loss (two years ago, for $64 to $160, owner Allicia Mogavero would make a bead out of 10 to 30 milliliters of breastmilk. She now charges up to $600), but because it feels like a part of them has been stolen.

“This intimate piece of me was taken,” said Lorraine Neil, a customer who never received her order. “And it can’t be retrieved again.”

It may just be the case of a woman who received more success than she could handle on her own—in 2013, the company was featured on The Today Show, as well as in Time, The Daily Beast and New York Daily News. But Mogavero is handling the pressure in a super suspicious way: by removing her email address from the company’s website and avoiding customers who have been waiting years for their pre-paid pendants.

WPRO reports that when they first tracked Mogavero down at her Rhode Island home, she slammed the door in their face:

Mogavero, a mother of three, said she can’t believe the amount of negativity she’s faced from other mothers. She said they write vile comments about her and make death threats.
Mogavero insisted her business isn’t a scam and isn’t closed. She said she’s just behind on filling and shipping orders.
“I’m not comfortable stating an exact number [of orders I’m behind on] if that’s what you are looking for,” said Mogavero. “But certainly more than I’d like.”

Mogavero has since expanded her business to include keepsakes made from umbilical cords and pet cremains. Honestly, though, don’t send this woman your organic matter—chances are it’ll sit in a closet for two years.

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Image courtesy of MommyMilk Creations

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