Wouldn't It Be Nice if Kelly Clarkson and Usher Started Casually Dating?

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Wouldn't It Be Nice if Kelly Clarkson and Usher Started Casually Dating?
Screenshot:The Kelly Clarkson Show

Just to be clear, nothing about this item I’m about to unpack indicates that Kelly Clarkson and Usher are interested in dating each other. But Dirtbag is nothing more than a vessel for our darkest hopes and deepest desires about celebrity culture, and so that’s where we’re at today: attempting to make gold out of some middling straw, like a bargain-basement Rumplestiltskin.

Usher and Kelly Clarkson had a nice chat about divorce and relationship issues, gabbing like two adults who have been through the wringer, both publicly and privately, and are now just looking for something casual, relaxed, and low on commitment. You know, hanging out. Usher and Kelly Clarkson should start hanging out.

Here’s a snippet of their conversation, which sounds like the kind of stuff someone who’s been to therapy a bunch of times in the recent past would say… not a bad thing, just a fact:

“We all have those bad habits that stop us from moving forward in life,” the “Yeah!” crooner told Clarkson, 38, on the Tuesday, September 22, episode of her talk show. “And not until, actually, we address them, do we begin to get over them, or maybe acknowledge that maybe some of the trauma and drama that you’re dealing with in your life comes as a result of you keeping it.”

Yes, he’s talking about his new song, “Bad Habits,” but also, I assume he’s talking about all the mistakes he might have made in the past? This kind of talk is probably nice for Clarkson, who just filed for divorce in July, and could use an ear! Even though Usher is dating a woman named Jenn Goicoechea, who also happens to be pregnant with his child, I still think that there could be a world in which Kelly Clarkson and Usher, two artists that defined music for my very specific generation, date for a minute! The world is going to end sooner than we think, so might as well try EVERYTHING out, just to see. [Us Weekly]

Finally, Kristin Cavallari is opening up about her split with the football man, Jay Cutler, but unfortunately all I can think about is that picture of her sitting on the lap of her high school boyfriend, Stephen Colletti, smiling like the cat who ate not only the canary, but the canary’s best friend, cousin, and third-grade teacher.

However, that is not what this is about. This is about what was going on behind the scenes with her and Jay Cutler, all of which sounds unfortunate, and difficult, etc.

“I always thought it was interesting when people would refer to us as ‘couple goals,’” says the Uncommon James founder, 33, who is releasing a new cookbook, True Comfort, on Sept. 29. “I was like, ‘If you guys only knew.’”
As their marriage hit a crisis point during filming last season, “we definitely kept a lot of stuff private,” she adds. “Producers saw stuff, but they didn’t put it in the show — which is good, because I don’t want my kids to ever [see that].”

My takeaway from this quote is that it’s nice that the producers left some of the more salacious and ultimately upsetting stuff out of the TV show. This proves to me that reality TV producers have a heart. Also, this is the first time I’ve thought about Kristin Cavallari in a long time. Do with that what you will. [People]

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