Wuuuut Does Ali Krieger Mean By Her ‘Beyoncé Lemonade Era’????

Ashlyn Harris—who is now reportedly dating Sophia Bush—filed for divorce from Krieger in September. Krieger’s now dropping some weighted musical references.

Wuuuut Does Ali Krieger Mean By Her ‘Beyoncé Lemonade Era’????
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On Thursday afternoon, in an Instagram that launched a thousand “ ” emojis, freshly divorced Gotham FC defender Ali Krieger posted a carousel of photos of herself playing soccer with the caption “Preparing for playoffs while in my Beyoncé lemonade era.” Just two days earlier, news broke that Krieger’s ex-wife, Ashlyn Harris, was reportedly dating the also newly single Sophia Bush. Divorce? Lesbians? Beyoncé? Lemonade? Don’t make me get out my red string and evidence board.

Harris, who also played on Gotham before retiring at the end of the 2022 season, and Krieger were married for four years before filing for divorce on September 19, 2023. “Although it’s new information to the public, Ashlyn and Ali’s divorce began months ago and they have been living apart since the summer,” an insider told People.

Meanwhile, Bush and her husband of 13 short months—some random man named Grant Hughes—got divorced in August, just weeks after she posted (a now deleted) photo celebrating their one-year anniversary. Their split was shrouded in way too much secrecy for my liking as I am of the firm belief that if you had your wedding covered by Vogue and you get divorced within two years, you are obligated to explain in a follow-up Vogue article what happened. (I’m kidding…mostly…)

While TikTok sleuths, god bless them, had been speculating on Harris and Bush’s romance for a few weeks now, the confirmation this past Tuesday still came as a surprise. Such a quick turnaround for both women following their respective marriages raises questions of a, excuse me, offside violation, if you will. Bush and Harris have run in the same social circles for a while, as Bush is not only a huge women’s soccer fan but also a part owner of the Angel City FC. A handful of photos on Getty show them hanging out in late July.

Now, with Krieger posting that she is in her “Lemonade era,” consider the flames fanned! One does not just lightly reference Beyoncé’s seminal work on being stepped out if one was not, in some way, stepped out on. Krieger’s brother, Kyle Krieger, further commented on the post with some Beyoncé lyrics of his own. “This is your final warning, you know I give you life. If you try this shit again, you gone lose your wife” he wrote, quoting the song “Don’t Hurt Yourself.” He also took advantage of Instagram’s GIF commenting feature and shared the famous clip of Beyoncé in her yellow ruffled dress swinging a bat from the “Hold Up” music video.

Mr. Random Grant Hughes, on the other hand, only offered words of support for Bush and Harris. His rep told Page Six on Wednesday, “Grant will always want the best for Sophia, and is supportive of all that makes her happy and fulfilled.” K. Great.

Lest anyone forget, Lemonade ended with Beyoncé and Jay-Z reunited and her singing “Boy, nothing real can be threatened.” So, we’ll have to wait and see if Krieger and Harris’ relationship will follow the same trajectory, though I’m not holding my breath.

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