You Can Buy Eva Braun's Nazi Panties For $7,500


In the market for a nice pair of 84-year-old, salmon-colored silk panties with an “EB” monogram at the top that were once owned and presumably worn by Adolf Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun? If you’re one of the maybe four people on the planet who answered yes, just head on down to the Mantiques store outside of Toledo, OH. Though they’re Nazi most stylish panties around, they are a piece of history.

The Daily News writes:

Store owner Ernie Scarango claims he bought the Nazi lingerie from retired U.S. Air Force Maj. Charles Snyder.
The 84-year-old, in turn, purchased $3 million worth of Nazi memorabilia from a man known only as 1st Lt. D.C. Watts – who claimed to have been present during the 1945 liberation of Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s Alps retreat.

Scarango claims “the fabric, embroidery and monogramming, the sewing” of the Heil-waisted panties are all “first-rate,” and even has a certificate of authenticity prepared by Major Snyder.

Just be sure to call ahead before planning your trip. I’m sure Scarango doesn’t want to deal with the Führer of someone who shows up to find they’ve already been purchased.

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