Zac Efron Slipped and Broke His Beautiful, Beautiful Jaw

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The recently rehabbed Parkland star, 26, broke his jaw on Sunday at his Los Angeles-area home, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

The insider also confirms that Efron, who slipped on a puddle, has his mouth wired shut and received stitches from a gash he suffered. Plans to promote upcoming filmThat Awkward Moment have been postponed.

FUCKING PUDDLE; I WILL END YOU. (cue the speculation about him not being clean, but as someone who regularly bites it completely sober— actually, I have no clue. Hope he’s okay.) [People]

Ghost is becoming a TV show!!!

This one:

Not this one:

Here are the scarrrrrry details:

“Ghost” is becoming a TV show thanks to Paramount Television. Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner will co-write a pilot for a series based on the 1990 hit film that starred Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg.
“We are thrilled to collaborate with Akiva and Jeff, two deeply creative and accomplished talents, on the television adaptation of this classic supernatural drama,” Amy Powell, president of Paramount Television,” said in a statement.

Excited! (Don’t fuck up my childhood, Hollywood.)


Lauren Manzo is engaged! How long until we have The Real Housewives of the Real Housewives of New Jersey? [People]

Kylie Jenner goes to school for about three hours a day, like a normal kid. [Radar]

Lady Gaga‘s interview with Howard Stern is a must listen that I haven’t listened to yet and probably won’t. Brave readers, report back?? [Twitter]

Kate Hudson can’t afford to buy designer gowns. CELEBRITIES ARE JUST LIKE US. [US]

Kim Kardashian got a speeding ticket today and so did I. CELEBRITIES ARE JUST LIKE ME. 🙁 [x17online]

The Wahlberg Brothers Funky Bunch are getting a show and it’s called Wahlburgers. I’m sorry; I honestly can’t tell what it’s about. Something about another brother and hamburger restaurant? [Fox]

As Dodai says, the last paragraph of this piece on Justin Timberlake is EVERYTHING. [Grantland]

Amanda Peet is the genius behind Game of Thrones. [Vanity Fair]

The Tupac biopic is set for a spring 2014 shoot. [Hollywood Reporter]

Ryan Reynolds on his father’s Parkinson’s: “My Dad’s hanging in there.” (Ryan and his dad) ABC]

Anyone need to kick some ass in their personal or professional lives? Let Bjork be the light that guides you. GO GET ‘EM, TIGER:

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